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Why Cuba?

Cross-cultural synergy is the fiber of enrichment, the motive force for development of all human civilizations. The Cuban people are part of our shared hemisphere and world. In today’s global realities it is counter-productive to exclude U.S. and Cuban citizens from the mutual benefits inherent in traditional people-to-people sister city programs solely to support ideological and political bias.

Cuba is the only country in the world where the U.S. government forbids its own citizens the fundamental human right of individual travel except under criteria established by the U.S. It is time for U.S. residents to have restored their freedom of travel, and to put 60 years of cold war ‘regime change’ policies to bed. Our work, having people meet people around common interests helps dispel stereotypes and misconceptions. It allows people to form opinions that are experience based. An informed citizenry is beneficial to all democratic aspirations.


The Pittsburgh-Matanzas Sister Cities Partnership was founded to create an opportunity for our residents, public officials, and leaders of organizations to engage in mutually beneficial ‘people to people’ exchanges with the residents of Matanzas, Cuba.
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The Mission of the Pittsburgh-Matanzas Sister Cities Partnership is to expand our sister city relationship between the City of Pittsburgh and the City of Matanzas, Cuba,
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How You Can Help

We need your support - become an advocate, serve as a Citizen Diplomat, travel to Cuba with us, attend activities, and become a member. Membership is open to individuals and organizations who are interested in contributing to the success of our mission and purpose.
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The United States first imposed its embargo on Cuba on October 19, 1960. As of April 26, 2024, it has been approximately 23,929 days since the embargo was initiated.
US companies either did not respond or refused to sell medicines, equipment or other necessities to the Cuban Public Health System due to the blockade. These items are critical to providing health care to the people of Cuba.
191 of 193 countries in the United Nations voted to end the US Embargo against Cuba.

Stay Informed

President Biden, Let Cuba Breathe, End the Blockade against Cuba!


Individuals and organizations are welcome to join us. Become a supporting member!


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